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The Man We Knew

This week I released a new book; The Man We Knew, a third party adventure for Orbital Blues. I’ve described it as a noirish thriller for sad space cowboys.

It’s a pastiche if the film The Third Man (directed by Carol Reed and starring Orson Welles) and begins much the same way, but In Space.

The Crew of Interstellar Outlaws arrive on Catapult Station Odessa because a friend of theirs, Cash Chi, has a job offer. Questions are provided to establish how the crew all knew Chi but upon their arrival the Crew finds Chi deceased, after an alleged accident.

From there the book introduces a range of characters who populate the station, possible leads into both the death and the racket Chi was involved in and various directions for the story to go in.

It all takes places on Catapult Station Odessa; an entryway to the system divided between three squabbling conglomerates. Life is hard and the black market thrives there.

The adventure is 26 pages in a black and white layout with high contrast photography, mimicking the style of the film noir that inspired it.

This is the first adventure I’ve written, rather than a self contained game and it was a lot of fun to do. I think that’s something I’ll try and do more of this year.

You can get it over on Itch for $10;


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