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Rat Wave Game House is the design imprint for Kayla Dice (formerly known as The Dice). We make pen and paper roleplaying games with heart and bite. Our games often focus on alienation and how people relate to each other. We make games with straightforward rules and evocative worlds.

Kayla Dice is a former professional wrestler, current teacher and once and future comedian. She lives in London and is trans and autistic. 

Previous release include:

  • How to Embrace a Swamp Creature – A Belonging outside Belonging ttrpg starring mentally ill swamp things in a deprived commuter town.
  • Wild Duelist – A medieval action ttrpg about animalfolk warriors travelling to violent duels.
  • Transgender Deathmatch Legend – A hexcrawl beat-em-up for two players, using playing cards.
  • Fear the Taste of Blood – A three player, asymetric ttrpg inspired by classic movie monsters like Dracula and the Wolfman.

Upcoming releases include:

  • All New Old Gods and Young Guns – A setting guide and anthology about a science fantasy western setting where Godslingers wield the power of dead ancient deities.
  • Jukebox Tarot – A GMless tarot based game for acting out musicals of your own making.
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