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Here you can find various podcasts, articles, reviews, and Twitter Threads on Rat Wave Game House books.


Actual Plays

Party of One – Transgender Deathmatch Legend



Draw Your Dice – Interview with Finley talking about how we came to games, plurality and How to Embrace a Swamp Creature



The Gaming Shelf by Linda Codega on io9 (covers Fear the Taste of Blood)


Top 10 Halloween Games on Indie Game Reviewer (covers Follow Me in the Night; a Cursed Radio)


RPG featuring public domain comic book art was inspired by Star Wars and The Outer Worlds by Alex Meehan on Dicebreaker (covers Old Gods and Young Guns)

El buen western espacial llega como RPG de mesa y con brutales ilustraciones basadas en el legendario Jack Kirby by Juan Sanmartin on Vida Extra (covers Old Gods and Young Guns)


A video by Sam Leigh (GoblinMixtape on TikTok) about The Story of a Story


A video by Philippa Mort about Fear the Taste of Blood


Twitter Threads

A thread by W.H. Arthur on Save Our Souls


A thread by WuDeRPG on Wild Duelist


A thread by Gem Room Games on Forecaster: The Body You Share(

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