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Here you can find various podcasts, articles, reviews, and Twitter Threads on Rat Wave Game House books.


Actual Plays

Party of One – Transgender Deathmatch Legend



Draw Your Dice – Interview with Finley talking about how we came to games, plurality and How to Embrace a Swamp Creature



The Gaming Shelf by Linda Codega on io9 (covers Fear the Taste of Blood)


Top 10 Halloween Games on Indie Game Reviewer (covers Follow Me in the Night; a Cursed Radio)



A video by Sam Leigh (GoblinMixtape on TikTok) about The Story of a Story


A video by Philippa Mort about Fear the Taste of Blood


Twitter Threads

A thread by W.H. Arthur on Save Our Souls


A thread by WuDeRPG on Wild Duelist


A thread by Gem Room Games on Forecaster: The Body You Share(

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