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Follow Me in the Night – Remastered

Hey have a surprise new/old release today.

In Follow Me in the Night; a Cursed Radio you play a weary magic user, wandering dark streets banishing the phantoms that haunt them; phantoms powered by bad memories and cursed music.

Follow Me in the Night is a solo journaling game inspired by film noir movies, Phonogram by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie, and many sleepless nights. Play requires a deck of playing cards, a pair of six-sided dice, some sort of token, something to write on and something to play music on.

Follow Me in the Night was I believe the third game I ever wrote and it seems to have connected with a lot of people since then. I’m really proud of the writing on the game but it was also the first thing I tried to do actual layout on. For a while I’ve felt I could have done a much better pass on this with all I’ve learned since the original release. So I did.

This remastered edition is exactly the original text* but in a new layout that is clearer, prettier and better captures the hardboiled fever dream spirit of the game. Visually it evokes what I did with both Transgender Deathmatch Legend and The Man We Knew (a similarly noirish Orbital Blues adventure). 

In addition I’ve created ePub and MOBI versions of the game for better accessibility. Sometime soon I’ll have the new design up on the Rat Wave Game House Lulu Bookstore as a print-on-demand. It will be a wirebound horrizontal layout, like Transgender Deathmatch Legend.

If you already own Follow Me in the Night (it was in Solo But Not Alone 2 and may some other bundles, so you might own it without realising) you can just download all the new files. Find it on Itch here:


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